Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Reusable Cleaning Wipes

The Reusable Cleaning Wipes is our specially designed washable and reusable universal wiper. It has good oil absorption and water absorption, and its texture is excellent and not easy to tear. It is widely used in production and life.

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JEENOR*X-60 Universal Industrial Nonwoven Wipers

JEENOR*X-60 Wipers bring the absorbing power of our Hydroknit / Spunlace technology to lighter-weight wiper. Designed to outperform rags;raise the standard for general-purpose wipers.


Item No.: X6060W-1-250480-416JRY3-1
Color+Pattern: White+Y3 Hexagonal Embossed
Composition: Woodpulp+PP
Basis Weight: 60gsm (+/-8%)
Sheet size: 250x480mm
Quantity per pack 416 Sheets/ Roll
Package: Each Roll with Shrink film+ Case
Case Size: 37x37x27cm


*The Reusable Cleaning Wipes has high water absorption and oil absorption.

* Compressive and wear resistant, not easy to tear.

*The Reusable Cleaning Wipes is made of pure natural materials and contains no additives.

* The material is environmentally clean, easy to degrade, and will not pollute the environment.

*Products are affordable and have good texture

*可重用的湿纸巾满足各种各样的美联社plications and can be used in industrial production and everyday life.


* Wiping and cleaning in the kitchen appliances, around the bathroom, laundry and even on the car.
* Wiping and maintaining the industrial areas such as mechanical equipments, the fluid spill from oil compressor; the transmission belts and rollers.

* Daily Maintaining and cleaning the workplace.
* Surface treatment combining with the solvent.
* Wiping the users themselves.

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As one of the most reliable reusable cleaning wipes manufacturers and suppliers in China, JEENOR is equipped with a professional factory. Welcome to buy discount and low price bulk products made in China with us or try our wholesale service at cheap price. Also, pricelist check is also available.
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